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Database Rant #1

Why is it that every time I see a database it’s fucked up in some way or another?  Probably I only notice databases when they are screwed up.  Like a well-designed and maintained machine, databases are invisible when they are … Continue reading

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Book Queue

A smattering of books (not exhaustive).  I’m still finishing up Stephenson’s The Confusion, soon on to the third book in this trilogy.  It’s been a long slog.  Guess what?  In the last half of the second book, things start to … Continue reading

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Hang up your phone and drive

Today’s million dollar product safety idea: A BlueTooth interface from your cell phone to your car that lets you operate the turn signals with buttons on the handset.  Never be too busy to signal lane changes again! Not that anyone would … Continue reading

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Everybody's more important (than the user)

After reading this post on pollution of the Windows icon tray by every Tom, Dick and Harry program in the world (Creative, are you listening?) I had to make up a list of the wacky and fun things that people … Continue reading

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Out and aboat

We’re headed home on I-5 north of Seattle, and we see a used boat dealership.  It’s huge.  Literally acres of boats alongside the frontage road, some looking pretty good, some looking like they might have held water once, but that was … Continue reading

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blah blah blah

Micro-rant: In the does-it-irritate-you-as-much-as-it-irritates-me? department: The geeks that over-use the “open” and “close” forms of HTML and XML in common writing and conversation.  Hand-wavy quotes-in-the-air were bad enough, but this syntactic bracketing makes me want to run a consistency checker on … Continue reading

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