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Winphone 7 App

I just submitted my first Windows Phone 7 application. It’s a simple RPN-notation hex programmer’s calculator. I wanted a replacement for my basically irreplacable HP-16C, a fantastic computer geek calculator that HP discontinued in 1989. I have two of these, … Continue reading

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UK ID card scheme scrapped

Huh; the brits have decided to ashcan their national identity card system. I saw this on The Register and thought it was a joke. But, nope: I had no idea they were so sensible. (One does wonder what else … Continue reading

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New Vernor Vinge book in October

Tor Books’ new catalog says that Vernor Vinge’s new book, Children of the Sky, will be out in October 2011. It’s a sequel to A Fire Upon the Deep. Wheeee! Link to Tor Books catalog (pdf). (via io9) Other books … Continue reading

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A Little Mindcontrolmusik

’tis the season, therefore whenever I must brave a store I armor myself with a Zune and some loudish music to drown out the Pavlovian Chorus that drives our economy. Otherwise, I start making up words in my head, like … Continue reading

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Ascent – Space Shuttle launch film and commentary

_Ascent_ is a wonderful video on YouTube describing the filiming and events of a space shuttle launch.! It’s sad to see the shuttle go, but it will be good to see it be replaced with something less expensive and … Continue reading

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Top secret payload

SpaceX’s recent launch had a secret payload: I thnk I like these folks.

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wordpress upgrade

I upgraded to WordPress 3 (a bit of a pain, involving a database move, too). Things are a little strange. But aren’t they always?

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'Merkan version of Top Gear

In a nutshell: Blows dead exploding goats.

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A cow-orker of mine pointed me at this jargon collection from a company he used to work at. Even though it is local to a company and has a bunch of specifics (e.g., to “MarkG” and other personalities), it’s surprisingly … Continue reading

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Tim Bray on Wikileaks

Here’s the best summary of Wikileaks I’ve read so far. Personally, I think the USG should get, oooh,¬†about¬†10GB per year of classified capacity, with the rest published or destroyed. If it won’t fit on that super-classified thumb drive, it … Continue reading

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