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Forthcoming books

2014, the SF books I’m looking forward to are: Steven Gould, Exo (in September) Joe Haldeman, Work Done for Hire (in January) John Varley, Dark Lightning (in August) Charles Stross, The Rhesus Chart (July) That is all.  

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Dear SOAP, Please drop dead. Sincerely, /s/ an engineer frustrated with over-designed, under-implemented and uselessly complex, bloated and generally fucked-up “standards”   SOAP replies Dear Dadhacker, I’m here to stay. Suck it. -Sudsy   Dadhacker’s response Dear SOAP, My name … Continue reading

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Another Assembler

For kicks I spent a few days writing a 6502 assembler in Python (I had a need for one, and getting there is half the fun). It’s under the ABRMS license (“Anyone But Richard M Stallman”). So, in the unlikely event … Continue reading

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Sinofski on performance reviews

  Since I left Microsoft a little over a year ago, I’ve written a few rants that I’ve never published. Amongst the subjects I tackled were some attempts at “what’s wrong with Microsoft’s performance review system?”. None of these efforts were worth … Continue reading

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A nice article on Douglas Hofstadter in the Atlantic: here.    

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Windows Updates Bedtime Story

“Tell me a story” “Once upon a time, a bear went to apply the latest Windows updates to his laptop. For a while things went fine, but near the end, at the very last two critical updates, he started getting … Continue reading

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Eject, eject!

In 1992 the Newton group at Apple was in a small, unmarked building a mile off-campus on Bubb Road. It was a pretty good location for a project that was secretive and needed isolation from the rabble on the main … Continue reading

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Dota2 hero designs

Our son hasn’t played Dota2 yet, but has seen some matches (and went to The International), and has some suggestions for additional heros: First, Fallen Warrior and Storm Titan:   Dark Guardian and Bunny Warrior: I think the Bunny Warrior … Continue reading

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Found this in a basement of the National Center for Atmospheric Research, in Boulder Colorado: It’s the first Cray that shipped, just sitting there. Seymour hisself prolly helped wire the thing (and oh my, there are a lot of wires). … Continue reading

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virtual chikken

My son is (a) spawning hundreds of chickens, and (b) using a machine made of pistons and some other gadgets to squish them into oblivion. It’s Minecraft, of course. From Alpha to Omega, from squark to squawk, these are Minecraft-mediated virtual … Continue reading

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