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SCOTUS on secret courts

Now that we’re no longer under the Big Thumb of bulk surveillance [1] it’s a good time to reflect on the legal mumbo-jumbo being used to justify it. Wait. That was used. That’s all in the past now, and I’m happy … Continue reading

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Not an Asus fan

Dear Asus, Please put less shitty chipset fans on your rather expensive motherboards. It’d be nice if these things lasted more than about a year. /signed/ a customer who was replacing a shrieking fan at 5AM this morning, bodging in … Continue reading

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It’s called fdisk because…

In days of yore — “When was Yore, Daddy?” “It was the age before we had terabyte hard drives. Really, it was before we had any hard drives at all.” “Is that old, Daddy?” “You bet your sweet bippy, it … Continue reading

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Oh, yes they can

Oracle, oh Oracle Oh have you seen Oracle Oracle’s EULA lately? Don’t reverse that buggy code Lest you make poor Maddi ‘splode… (… you can learn a lot, from Oracle!) — after Groucho Marx link to discussion on HN  

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Fresh Oz

New Ozric Tentacles! (yay)  

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Newton Power

I stopped at a surplus computer hardware store today and found a bin with a couple hundred of these: So, if your Newton MessagePad 100 needs a battery holder, I know where you can go (RE-PC in Tukwila, WA). I … Continue reading

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On Reviews

My first job performance reviews, first as a dishwasher and borderline incompetent kitchen robot for a minor restaurant chain, and then writing video games for Atari, were short and sweet. Every year or so I would sit down in my … Continue reading

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Holy crap. Hola-crap. I think . . . they rather missed the point. I’m surprised that only 14 percent of Zappos employees quit. Just wow. Rotating Christ on ball-bearing roller skates wow. This constitution thing is kind of awesome, in … Continue reading

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The New Corporate Campus Curse

Atari. 3COM. Apple (1992). Borland. Silicon Graphics. Sun (twice). Others that I have forgotten. Facebook? We’ll see. Personally, I’d rather work in a barn.

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Dear Oracle

Dear Oracle: If you ever install a directory whose name contains an ‘&’ in my system’s PATH environment variable again, I will travel directly to the Bay Area and it won’t be for fun. What were you thinking, that people wouldn’t notice? … Continue reading

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