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RIP Jerry Pournelle

We’ve lost another big name in SF. I liked Jerry Pournelle’s collaborations with Larry Niven a great deal. The Mote in God’s Eye is (in my opinion) the best piece of hard SF to come out of the 70s. [Screws … Continue reading

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When the little hand is on the two, and the big hand…

Two thirty in the morning is the witching hour of technology. If you are a firmware engineer working on a product that has some kind of online periodic update system, at some point you will have a conversation with your … Continue reading

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RIP George Michael

WTF, 2016. I mean, what the . . . God damnit. FYYFF. Okay, just fuck off now. Go away 2016, we don’t want you any more.

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oh my god

what have they done?

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RIP Henry SF Cooper

I should keep track of my favorite authors better. Henry SF Cooper, author of Apollo on the Moon, Thirteen: The Flight that Failed and the majestic The Evening Star (which is about how the Magellan probe team debugged OS race … Continue reading

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Too many zeros

Srly, Microsoft? LinkedIn for $26B? These things never end well. Remember Dynamics? And Nokia? This is worse. Somebody needs to take the checkbook away from the team at Microsoft that comes up with these merger ideas. Put them off in … Continue reading

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Dianne Feinstein should resign

Here’s a nice opinion piece. By the Christian Science Monitor, no less. I concur. Dianne Feinstein has a history of getting policy around cryptography and security utterly and disastrously wrong. She backed the regressive ITAR regulations banning export of strong … Continue reading

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Attending a modern political debate

Don’t use pine for your sign handle. Instead, find some good ash or hickory, the kind they use to turn out good quality baseball bats and axe handles. For the sign itself, a thicker gauge of sheet steel is best. … Continue reading

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Feinstein wants to ban crypto again

Senator Dianne Feinstein is introducing a bill that attempts to ban the use of strong cryptography in the US. Link. She supported crypto bans in the 1990s. I was a constituent of hers then, wrote her with my concerns, and … Continue reading

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Yeah, pretty much done with GoDaddy

While I’m sure y’all are nice folks at GoDaddy, I think you get what you pay for in this industry. And I’m willing to pay a little more to get better service. Like, a web server infrastructure that doesn’t randomly … Continue reading

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