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Oh, yes they can

Oracle, oh Oracle Oh have you seen Oracle Oracle’s EULA lately? Don’t reverse that buggy code Lest you make poor Maddi ‘splode… (… you can learn a lot, from Oracle!) — after Groucho Marx link to discussion on HN  

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Fresh Oz

New Ozric Tentacles! (yay)  

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Newton Power

I stopped at a surplus computer hardware store today and found a bin with a couple hundred of these: So, if your Newton MessagePad 100 needs a battery holder, I know where you can go (RE-PC in Tukwila, WA). I … Continue reading

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On Reviews

My first job performance reviews, first as a dishwasher and borderline incompetent kitchen robot for a minor restaurant chain, and then writing video games for Atari, were short and sweet. Every year or so I would sit down in my … Continue reading

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Holy crap. Hola-crap. I think . . . they rather missed the point. I’m surprised that only 14 percent of Zappos employees quit. Just wow. Rotating Christ on ball-bearing roller skates wow. This constitution thing is kind of awesome, in … Continue reading

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The New Corporate Campus Curse

Atari. 3COM. Apple (1992). Borland. Silicon Graphics. Sun (twice). Others that I have forgotten. Facebook? We’ll see. Personally, I’d rather work in a barn.

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Dear Oracle

Dear Oracle: If you ever install a directory whose name contains an ‘&’ in my system’s PATH environment variable again, I will travel directly to the Bay Area and it won’t be for fun. What were you thinking, that people wouldn’t notice? … Continue reading

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m-x start-them-early

Since it was a national holiday, I took The Gibber into work for the day. I sat him down at a desk near me with a laptop and got him on the guest network. He played some MineCraft, and after … Continue reading

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Comcastic (The Tale of the Good Tech)

[follow-up] So in the end, resolving the issue we had with Comcast took someone who knew what they were doing, with good debugging skills and a good attitude, and about 15 minutes. It helps to be methodical. It’s fine to … Continue reading

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And we’re back

Nothing like a good random savaging from your $hostingProvider. Sorry about that. It’s been a week of downtime because the tools that $hostingProvider has for diagnosing problems are about as useful as a stack of moldy Ouija boards. Logs? Oh you … Continue reading

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